Washington DC to New York Movers

Moving to and from New York City has never been easier with Tri-State One Rate Movers Express Service. We offer Same Day service to the Big Apple to and from Philadelphia and any other city in Virginia, Delaware, or Maryland.  Overnight storage and next day delivery service is also available for no additional charge.

We work closely with every customer to provide efficiency and complete satisfaction in every aspect of the move.  By filling out our Free Moving Quote you will receive a Free Moving Estimate straight in your email.

Flat rate quotes Washington DC to New York City

As part of our commitment to provide cost effective moving solutions to our customers, we offer Flat Rate quotes for every apartment, business, or house.  We guarantee that 100% of your belongings will be routed to their new destination with our most cost effective service. Our commitment to provide you the best service at the best possible rate is what Tri-State One Rate Movers Express Service is all about.

Tri-State One Rate Movers will explain you all the charges and fees in advance and provide you a clear and concise estimate.  If you are moving to Manhattan or moving from Manhattan, you can always count on the Tri-State One Rate Movers express moving services to do your interstate move at the lowest possible guaranteed rate.

Why we are one of the highest rated Washington DC to New York City and all surrounding areas.

  1. We have a BBB A+ Rating in customer service.
  2. We lowest damage claims in the industry.
  3. 58% of our business comes from repeat customers.
  4. Tri-State One Rate Movers hires professional movers dedicated to providing the best customer service.
  5. We have impeccable reviews.
  6. Our estimates are accurate and concise. They detail the services that are to be provided and how we arrived at your Flat Rate Quote.
  7. Large homes receive a walk through by one of our in-home estimators to increase the estimate’s accuracy.
  8. Free blanket wrapping ensures the protection of your furniture while being moved.

From the first moment you contact us, you will receive a customer service representative who will be your single point of contact throughout your move.